What is Geronimo Festival? Not to be missed.

What is Geronimo Festival? I hear you ask. Is it suitable for children? Is it popular? Is it a ticketed event? What kind of things are there?

What is Geronimo Festival?

The Largest Children’s Festival in the UK and already onto its third year, it’s guaranteed to give you fun to remember for ever.

Geronimo Festival is a festival that encourages families to get out together and make memories. The festival itself is aimed at families and children under 13. The activities available are so diverse that it’s suitable for everyone to enjoy. The Festival itself takes place at Arley Hall and this year is on 27th May – 29th May, something that could make your Bank Holiday weekend one to remember.

Is it suitable for children?

Geronimo Festival isn’t just suitable for children, it’s suitable for everyone. The activities include the following and much much more;

Graffiti workshop
A selection of children’s favourite presenters including; Katy Ashworth, Alex Winters, Luke and Emma and Andy Day.

A Funfair
Strider Bikes
Pony Grand National
Donkey rides
Zip Wires
Reptile Encounters

It seems Geronimo Festival pull out all the stops so nothing is missed out and the experience is enjoyable for all. With over 100 activities today, you’d be mad to miss it. The amazing option of making a weekend out of it with being able to  ‘camp’ or ‘glamp’ means that you can enjoy all the activities and enjoy family time together.

Geronimo Festival is a ticketed event, it sells out quickly and if this does’t make you want to attend then I don’t know what will. I mean popularity and events that run every year are proof that this is an incredible event and one that you should schedule in. The early bird tickets for Tier one are available now at a reduced rate from £16.50 which ends at the end of January. Get yours NOW as it’s sure to be an event not to be missed.

What to expect? Watch this video from Geronimo Festival’s youtube channel;

If you want to find out more follow Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and see what you can encounter.

*I am a Geronimo Festival ambassador, all words and opinions are my own.





Little and Fierce Hair Tutorials – Part 1

Little and Fierce, an online gift store for kids with everything from jewellery, stationary, hair accessories and much much more. Morgana from Little and Fierce has an amazing selection of some really beautiful hair accessories. When she asked if I wanted to do some Little and Fierce hair tutorials to show what could be achieved in your little ones hair using her products. I knew i’d love it.

Below are the items we are going to use in our little and fierce hair tutorials.

A little bit about me;

Prior to having my Daughter P, I worked as a hairdresser in a local salon. There is no doubt about it I loved my job, the girls I worked with and the relationship between myself and the customers. Updo’s were and still are my favourite. There is nothing I love more than styling my Daughter’s hair with different things each morning, i’ve spent many times googling new ideas.

I’d like to share with you some tips before I post my first video in order to make creating the looks more achievable.

Firstly, be prepared. Have everything you need by your side.
My essentials include;

A fine tooth comb or brush.
Enough bobbles to not only create your look, but also to make sure you have enough to hold hair out of place whilst you do a particular section.
Your little ones chosen hair clips. Little and Fierce have an amazing collection at really reasonable prices.
Patience!!! Lots of it.

The main thing is to never give up, practice makes perfect and nobody ever got anywhere without trying.

My first video will go up tomorrow over on Little and Fierce blog and you can see how easy some of the looks are to create at home using some amazing accessories.

Remember practice makes perfect.

*Morgana kindly sent us the Little and Fierce accessories. All thoughts are my own.


Jord Wood Watches – Dover Series Review

Anyone who knows my, knows my Dad is a very special person in my life. He’s not materialistic, he’s happiest outdoors and most of time needs a little style advice. (Sorry Dad.) When Jord Wood Watches contacted me regarding a watch from their Dover Series. I knew straight away it would be something my Dad would love. Handcrafted, all natural wood they immediately caught his eye. I let him choose the one he liked the most as after all it will be on his wrist. He chose the Jord Wood Watches Dover Series Ebony and Copper one, its eye-catching but not too far out of his comfort zone. You can find it here.

After seeing the choices on offer my Mum couldn’t believe how eye catching the watches for women are. She said that if she saw someone wearing one in a shop she would definitely ask where they got it from. Coming from my Mum thats a huge compliment. The women’s selection can be found here. I particularly love the Jord Wood Watches Frankie Series Purpleheart & Plum its vibrant and would make any evening outfit. Due to our Jord Wood Watch coming directly from USA I thought it would take weeks, however it arrived really quickly with only a small customs charge. I wasn’t disappointed. The box it comes in is stunning. Wooden with a magnetic lid and secret drawer anyone who received it wouldn’t be disappointed you can tell instantly it’s well made and would make a lovely present. Perfect for the gentleman you love at Christmas. The watch comes presented in the box on a hessian style cushioning. The packaging definitely set a precedent for what I thought of the watch. It had the instant WOW factor.

The watch itself has a black strap with a beautiful ring of copper complimenting the face. The detailing is perfect, the back of the watch has a clear area so that you can see the mechanics of the watch, this really added to how it looked even if you can’t see it when the watch is on. My Dad said the fit was nice and the watch didn’t feel too heavy. The thing I noticed about Jord is their attention to detail. They asked for the wrist size before it arrived and it felt a really bespoke experience.

Overall, from a Man who doesn’t wear watches the Jord Wood Watches were a hit, such a lovely selection on their website for both males and females and their attention to detail is probably some of the best around. They really are the perfect addition to your wardrobe and make a fabulous fall accessory. Jord Wooden Watches have offered one lucky winner the chance to WIN a $75 e-voucher and for everyone who enters they get a $20 e-gift card, (excluding the winner). If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning enter below;

*Jord Wooden Watches contacted me to review their products, all words and thoughts are my own.
**The giveaway winner’s $75 voucher will expire on 3/31/2017, and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 3/31/2017. No cash alternative will be offered.

Luxury Wood Watch


Disney Star Darlings Review

Disney Star Darlings. If you haven’t heard of them before they are a Disney series that accompany books and a television programme first released in September 2015. The characters are vibrant, eye-catching and all by sight have different styles and personalities. From the snippets I have caught they are seen as role models to younger children and are all about following your dreams. Something that I will definitely encourage with P.

P really isn’t a girly girl, she’s much more comfortable in the mud, outside and generally loves playing with the boys. She’s never really been into dolls, not the plush type anyway. We got our old Barbie’s down from the loft when she turned three and have never looked back. She is really into dressing them in different outfits and generally just making stories for them.

When we were approached to review Disney’s Star Darlings I knew that she would love them. There are 5 to choose from Scarlet, Libby, Leona, Sage and Vega. We were kindly sent Scarlet, Libby and Sage. (P chose Sage as our giveaway to one lucky reader). One of the things P loves to do is sing and dance so the theme of star darlings being music based and having instruments sold them to her straight away.

Libby, what I would call an ‘out there’ kind of doll has pink everything, hair, shoes, keytar. Known as the ‘positively radiant keytarist.’ She without doubt was P’s favourite. She played for hours with a little car and the two dolls, alongside some  others we already have at home. I think one considerable difference we noticed in star darlings is that their limbs really move. The joints actually work meaning they can be easily manoeuvred into toys you probably already have.  Cars, dolls house, boats. etc. It made dressing them to a 4 year old much easier and allowed for her to do the things independently instead of asking for help like she usually would. With the Libby doll, you get the doll itself along with the outfit, a pair of shoes, a necklace and a key tar. This means that if you even just buy one other you can change the clothes and children love that type of thing.

We also got Scarlet, she was the ‘drummer’ I don’t actually know what part of this P found amusing but she could’t stop laughing when she was pretending to play the drums. As I said previously they all look completely different. Scarlet is the ‘rebellious drummer’ and P certainly enjoyed having a go with the mini drum kit, noisy as always.

Overall, Disney Star Darlings are a definite hit in our house. I’d definitely look into getting the rest of the set as together we played for ages and it really does bring children’s imagination to the forefront mainly because they have to decide what to play and how to interact with them. Anything that encourages children to follow their dreams is a winner with me, especially with how they encourage people to be who they are.

Disney Star Darlings are available from the Disney store and numerous retailers (amazon, toys r us) and depending on where you buy them from do vary in price. I’d say they are definitely worth their retail price.

We have one ‘Sage’ star darling to giveaway to one lucky reader. ENTER below to be in with a chance of winning.


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*We were sent the Star Darlings to review, all words and thoughts are my own.


Num Noms Review – #MiniChefs Challenge

Who wouldn’t want to be a #MiniChef? Children everywhere love copying their parents, helping with recipes, baking. P loves baking. When we were approached to take part in the Num Noms Mini Chefs challenge I couldn’t resist accepting.

Num Noms have alway intrigued me when we go around the supermarket, their special ‘scents’ always remind me of when I was younger and the gel pens we used to have. Once they arrived we weren’t disappointed. We got two sets, a diner set, and a pizza set. Both where filled with an assortment of flavours and each and every one has a lovely little face on.

The pizza set was brilliant, complete with a mini pizza tray and mini cutting tool. This particular set came with 3 scented diner nums. Melty Burger, Frenchie Fries, Cassie Cola. They really do smell exactly as you think they would. The favourite though is the Nom, the little motorised toy to carry your Nums on. This caused nothing but excitement. We had it buzzing around in the toy kitchen whilst it cooked us a pretend double cheeseburger. We also got the Brunch set with the mystery Num Nom. This is worth it just for the look in your child’s face when they realise they get an extra one.

I can honestly see how Num Noms appeal to all ages, they bring out the lovely imaginative side to younger children but older children will love the creation of flavours because of the amount of amazing flavours you can collect.

We took part in the Mini Chefs Challenge by baking some cakes. We cheated slightly and bought a Peppa Pig mix for P to do so she felt she had control in the kitchen and then she could show her Grandma what she’d ‘baked’ when she got home.

The only thing other than the Peppa Pig cake box (available in most supermarkets) was an egg to add. This made it really easy and the instructions on the back enabled P to almost manage them on her own.

The Mini Chefs Challenge is complete.

Finished cake

We felt privileged to be asked to be part of the #MiniChefs challenge and really enjoyed getting messy in the kitchen,


If you are considering Num Noms as a Christmas present then don’t hesitate. They kept P busy for hours, they are really good for enabling children to learn what foods can go together and what wacky concoctions they themselves can come up with. I think in terms of value for money for a collectable toy they are worth every penny. To find out where you can buy them from visit Num Noms.

*We kindly received the Num Noms to review, all words and views are my own.


10 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

I was tagged by to share with you the 10 things that motherhood has taught me. I can safely say it has taught me lots of things and every day I learn something new.

1. There really is NO perfection.
I strived for 3 years for the perfect life, the perfect life as a stay at home Mummy to my little girl. That perfect life you see on social media doesn’t exist. Perfect moments exist, yes. Perfect life, i’m yet to meet anyone who says it does. Striving for the perfect life cost me something very precious and I’ve learnt the hard way to ask for help when you need it most.

2. I still have a fabulous imagination.
If there is one thing I love, it’s playing games with P. Princesses, cars, colouring, board games. You name it, we do it. It has taught me that you can really channel your inner child and it’s something that makes me happy every day. Just sitting and playing with her, without phone/computer distractions.

3. Your friends become your heroes.
Since having P, i’ve made incredible friends. A very small core group, but a group nonetheless that I couldn’t live without. Their children are amazing, but their friendships are worth their weight in gold. Not just for me, but for P too. They have supported, laughed, hugged and loved on the days when i’ve found motherhood tough.

4. I have a huge girls dresses obsession.
P has more clothes than probably a lot of others. Dresses are my main love, I absolutely love seeing her dressed all pretty.

5. That the love is unconditional.
I absolutely adore my Daughter, I would walk to the end of the earth for her, today, tomorrow and always. I love her more than anything, I don’t think until you’ve had a child of your own you realise how strong that love is.

6. Patience
Patience is something that you realise you have a lot lot more than you could imagine.

7. Children really are like sponges.
The things that P picks up and can remember literally astounds me. She can remember thing that wouldn’t even cross my mind. I’ve always heard the saying ‘like sponges’ but now I really believe it.

8. Every child is different
Every child is totally different, an individual and should be treated like one.

9. Nobody can replace me, i’ll always be her Mummy.
This is something that plagues me, because P’s Daddy and I are separated it’s something that my very close friends and family remind me daily. P loves me, and I try and always remind myself that.

10. Motherhood can be lots of things. Tough. Isolating. Fun. Loving.                                                                                             Motherhood is so many things. Challenging, fun, isolating, lonely, happy, rewarding. Motherhood is all of those thing, every day is different, every day something new is thrown at you and every day I love more, laugh more and feel grateful for my little girl.

The little beauty that made me a Mummy.

Overall, motherhood has given me P. An intelligent, beautiful, full of life little girl. I couldn’t be prouder of her.


P – The Aboe Designs Brand Rep

For months, P and I have followed a wonderful page on Facebook. Aboe Designs, is a unique colour in jewellery range designed and illustrated by the very talented Jacqueline Moore. As you can imagine P and I were elated to be chosen as their brand rep.

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