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Disney Star Darlings. If you haven’t heard of them before they are a Disney series that accompany books and a television programme first released in September 2015. The characters are vibrant, eye-catching and all by sight have different styles and personalities. From the snippets I have caught they are seen as role models to younger children and are all about following your dreams. Something that I will definitely encourage with P.

P really isn’t a girly girl, she’s much more comfortable in the mud, outside and generally loves playing with the boys. She’s never really been into dolls, not the plush type anyway. We got our old Barbie’s down from the loft when she turned three and have never looked back. She is really into dressing them in different outfits and generally just making stories for them.

When we were approached to review Disney’s Star Darlings I knew that she would love them. There are 5 to choose from Scarlet, Libby, Leona, Sage and Vega. We were kindly sent Scarlet, Libby and Sage. (P chose Sage as our giveaway to one lucky reader). One of the things P loves to do is sing and dance so the theme of star darlings being music based and having instruments sold them to her straight away.

Libby, what I would call an ‘out there’ kind of doll has pink everything, hair, shoes, keytar. Known as the ‘positively radiant keytarist.’ She without doubt was P’s favourite. She played for hours with a little car and the two dolls, alongside some  others we already have at home. I think one considerable difference we noticed in star darlings is that their limbs really move. The joints actually work meaning they can be easily manoeuvred into toys you probably already have.  Cars, dolls house, boats. etc. It made dressing them to a 4 year old much easier and allowed for her to do the things independently instead of asking for help like she usually would. With the Libby doll, you get the doll itself along with the outfit, a pair of shoes, a necklace and a key tar. This means that if you even just buy one other you can change the clothes and children love that type of thing.

We also got Scarlet, she was the ‘drummer’ I don’t actually know what part of this P found amusing but she could’t stop laughing when she was pretending to play the drums. As I said previously they all look completely different. Scarlet is the ‘rebellious drummer’ and P certainly enjoyed having a go with the mini drum kit, noisy as always.

Overall, Disney Star Darlings are a definite hit in our house. I’d definitely look into getting the rest of the set as together we played for ages and it really does bring children’s imagination to the forefront mainly because they have to decide what to play and how to interact with them. Anything that encourages children to follow their dreams is a winner with me, especially with how they encourage people to be who they are.

Disney Star Darlings are available from the Disney store and numerous retailers (amazon, toys r us) and depending on where you buy them from do vary in price. I’d say they are definitely worth their retail price.

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*We were sent the Star Darlings to review, all words and thoughts are my own.

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