5 Things I Would Tell Any Pregnant Woman!

Since becoming a Mummy, I have learnt a lot. I’ve learnt to be patient, be prepared and most of all I’ve learnt to trust my instincts. Everybody parents in their own way, there really is no wrong or right way. Breast/bottle, dummy/no dummy, routine/no routine, non are wrong. You do what you feel best. Below are 5 of the things i’d tell any pregnant woman.

  1. Trust your instincts, if you think something is wrong, whether whilst pregnant or once your baby has arrived take them to your Doctor or Midwife. It’s true you know your body/baby best. Pages like Count the Kicks are now available which are a great source of info.
  2. Pack the essentials in your baby bag, not a posh going home outfit. The majority of babies I’ve come into contact with are either smaller/bigger than everyone originally thought. Pack different size baby grows and if you’re really bothered with the going home outfit buy some pretty ones.
  3. Go to a baby group. Research the ones in your area. Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for your baby. I’ve made brilliant friends from these, just have the confidence. You can find ones in your local area by asking around or Googling. The NCT groups are a great place to start.
  4. Be strict with visitors. Ask them to help if you need it, to make you a drink, bring things from the shop or ask them to leave so you can have a rest. With paternity leave being so short, make time for just your little family unit to be together uninterrupted.
  5. Being a parent is the hardest yet MOST rewarding thing you will ever do!

These are things I’d pass on to all my friends. Being a parent is so rewarding, it’s rewarded our family with a beautiful Daughter, it’s rewarded me with some of the best friends I have ever had. Both of those things are priceless. Enjoy every second because it really does pass you by.

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