P…the only child.

Recently, I have thought more and more about having another baby. Giving P a sibling like the majority of her friends have got. A brother or a sister that she can dote on. I like the idea of it, I like that she’d have somebody else to turn to and I like the idea of being a family of 4.

Logistically though, P is easy. I can take her anywhere. I don’t have to worry about a changing bag, a pushchair or how she’ll react. At nearly 3 you can reason with her, you can have a conversation with her and she slots into our family of three like a glove. Another baby may upset that balance.

Many times of late I’ve been asked, ‘are you ready for your next one?’, or told ‘don’t leave her an only one’, ‘don’t leave the gap to big’. Except for us, what if one is perfect, the magic number and the final piece in our puzzle. I know from watching my friends with their children, that 2,3,4 children are hard work and getting out the house is a military operation, anyone who tells me different I need to see the proof.

For now though, I’m happy with my Nephews Duke and Charlie. Who needs another with such precious bundles around.

If we do stick with just P, all the matters to us is she’s loved, happy and a well rounded individual. Even with siblings, you can’t always guarantee that.

6 thoughts on “P…the only child.

  1. Alison says:

    Coming from a big family (4) and having a big family I couldn’t imagine not having siblings
    They are like friends that you can’t lose touch with. I can’t imagine life without their support.

    There are positives to small families – less financial pressure, easier to leave the house etc

    But when you really need them nothing like a brother or sister

    Besides – you could easily do it you’re a pro now !! 🙂

  2. mummydaddyme says:

    It is so hard when people offer their advice about your family dynamic- if she is just your number one then she will be the best number one there is! 🙂 x

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