Happy Birthday Charlie

Today is my Nephew Charlie’s first birthday. One year since he came into the world. One year since he made everyone love more, smile more and laugh more. I have since watched him grow from a teeny tiny beautiful boy into a beautiful one year old.

A one year old who could light up a room with his smile. A one year old who can crawl so quickly you need eyes in the back of your head. A one year old whom I am proud to have spent so much time with and a one year old who has brought so much joy to my life in a time I need it most.

Me and Charlie

Charlie we hope you have an amazing first birthday, we love watching you grow and can’t wait to see you walking, running and causing havoc for your Mummy and Daddy. Most of all though I cannot wait to watch your relationship unfold with your beautiful cousin P and create many more precious memories because family is everything.

Love you Charlie. xxx

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Charlie

  1. Aw this is lovely, I would absolutely love to be an Auntie one day. My sister is ten years younger than me and is the best auntie to my little ones- she loves them like you wouldn’t believe, and I can’t wait to experience that too! Happy belated birthday to Charlie, he’s gorgeous! xx

    • lifethroughrosieslens says:

      This is my ex boyfriends Nephew, but no matter what he’ll always hold a special place with us. Spent a lot of time with him over his first year and he truly is incredible. Being an Auntie rocks my world. xxx

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