Little and Fierce Hair Tutorials – Part 1

Little and Fierce, an online gift store for kids with everything from jewellery, stationary, hair accessories and much much more. Morgana from Little and Fierce has an amazing selection of some really beautiful hair accessories. When she asked if I wanted to do some Little and Fierce hair tutorials to show what could be achieved in your little ones hair using her products. I knew i’d love it.

Below are the items we are going to use in our little and fierce hair tutorials.

A little bit about me;

Prior to having my Daughter P, I worked as a hairdresser in a local salon. There is no doubt about it I loved my job, the girls I worked with and the relationship between myself and the customers. Updo’s were and still are my favourite. There is nothing I love more than styling my Daughter’s hair with different things each morning, i’ve spent many times googling new ideas.

I’d like to share with you some tips before I post my first video in order to make creating the looks more achievable.

Firstly, be prepared. Have everything you need by your side.
My essentials include;

A fine tooth comb or brush.
Enough bobbles to not only create your look, but also to make sure you have enough to hold hair out of place whilst you do a particular section.
Your little ones chosen hair clips. Little and Fierce have an amazing collection at really reasonable prices.
Patience!!! Lots of it.

The main thing is to never give up, practice makes perfect and nobody ever got anywhere without trying.

My first video will go up tomorrow over on Little and Fierce blog and you can see how easy some of the looks are to create at home using some amazing accessories.

Remember practice makes perfect.

*Morgana kindly sent us the Little and Fierce accessories. All thoughts are my own.