Num Noms Review – #MiniChefs Challenge

Who wouldn’t want to be a #MiniChef? Children everywhere love copying their parents, helping with recipes, baking. P loves baking. When we were approached to take part in the Num Noms Mini Chefs challenge I couldn’t resist accepting.

Num Noms have alway intrigued me when we go around the supermarket, their special ‘scents’ always remind me of when I was younger and the gel pens we used to have. Once they arrived we weren’t disappointed. We got two sets, a diner set, and a pizza set. Both where filled with an assortment of flavours and each and every one has a lovely little face on.

The pizza set was brilliant, complete with a mini pizza tray and mini cutting tool. This particular set came with 3 scented diner nums. Melty Burger, Frenchie Fries, Cassie Cola. They really do smell exactly as you think they would. The favourite though is the Nom, the little motorised toy to carry your Nums on. This caused nothing but excitement. We had it buzzing around in the toy kitchen whilst it cooked us a pretend double cheeseburger. We also got the Brunch set with the mystery Num Nom. This is worth it just for the look in your child’s face when they realise they get an extra one.

I can honestly see how Num Noms appeal to all ages, they bring out the lovely imaginative side to younger children but older children will love the creation of flavours because of the amount of amazing flavours you can collect.

We took part in the Mini Chefs Challenge by baking some cakes. We cheated slightly and bought a Peppa Pig mix for P to do so she felt she had control in the kitchen and then she could show her Grandma what she’d ‘baked’ when she got home.

The only thing other than the Peppa Pig cake box (available in most supermarkets) was an egg to add. This made it really easy and the instructions on the back enabled P to almost manage them on her own.

The Mini Chefs Challenge is complete.

Finished cake

We felt privileged to be asked to be part of the #MiniChefs challenge and really enjoyed getting messy in the kitchen,


If you are considering Num Noms as a Christmas present then don’t hesitate. They kept P busy for hours, they are really good for enabling children to learn what foods can go together and what wacky concoctions they themselves can come up with. I think in terms of value for money for a collectable toy they are worth every penny. To find out where you can buy them from visit Num Noms.

*We kindly received the Num Noms to review, all words and views are my own.